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* Rapid fire isn't everything. Controlled speed-firing is the correct term. Unless you are within an arm's reach of your target, you must be able to balance speed and accuracy.

* Getting good with rapid fire, trial and error with timing and grip are essential. This is one of those drills that is hard to train, but rather just requires practice.

* The more you practice the better you will get.

* While practicing for tactical readiness or for self defense, most practice should be quick draw and flash sighting rather than slower-paced sight-shooting. Distances should be 15 yards or less (any further, and flash sight shooting becomes unreliable).

* One philosophy of thought is that you should never expend your entire magazine and instead perform a tactical reload before you run out. But this seems impractical to constantly be counting the number of rounds in your gun (during a gun fight) then reload before your gun is empty. Practicing both tactical and emergency reloads will get your prepared for any situation that presents itself.

* Always maintain your pistol correctly and often.

* Next: learn to get better using your pistol, and be sure to choose the right handgun and bullets (.